About Us

Tropiculture is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida and was established to fill a need for tropical and subtropical agriculture consulting services. Our mission at Tropiculture is to accelerate tropical agriculture forward with innovative strategies, research and support aimed to address equatorial agriculture challenges. We focus on all agriculture in the global tropical and subtropical regions of the world that cover the production and research of specialty fruits, vegetables, and row crops at all stages of project development with impacts that span the supply chain from farmers to consumers. We value high quality research, support, and due diligence that will guide projects forward and deliver superior results. Our team has over 15 years of agriculture experience and has accelerated projects on six continents specializing in tropical and subtropical regions.

Quality Research

Conducting high quality research with proven scientific rigor is part of our mission. We deliver results that provide direction, demonstrate vision, and validate concepts.


Our solutions are practical on a farm or business level and develop strategies and plans within the means of economic and environmental feasibility.


The tropics and subtropics are challenging environments to grow plants. Let our experience in mitigating harsh tropical environmental conditions.


All programs, recommendations, and research studies are approached in sustainable ways to minimize the impact on the environment and human health..