Project Feasibility and Due Diligence

Conducting a feasibility study before a project embarks is crucial to its long term success, and can redirect project spending to specifically target areas that will surpass pitfalls. Due diligence is important when considering investment in a new firm or project. Our team can reduce risk and provide solutions for business gaps to create a higher value project that is ready for investment.


Research and Analysis

There is no substitute for quality research that will provide clarity for business and project directions. Our research facilities and global collaborator network will ensure that research is carried out with the greatest scientific accuracy, in the correct environment, while accomplishing commercial objectives to provide clear results. In some cases all of the data has been collected and additional analysis or cross referencing is needed to provide direction and clarify results to determine project trajectory. 


Support and Management

Tropiculture offers services to accelerate your business or project. We are available for weekly calls or meetings in any stage of project discussion or implementation. Agriculture expertise at key points during planning and implementation processes will reduce costs and shorten project timelines. Tropiculture manages projects and reports progress for organizations or fast growing firms that are short handed or are missing the required experts.